YES for Gresham Safety Levy Measure 26-247

As our city has grown, so has the demand for emergency services. Unfortunately, Gresham has too few first responders to meet this increasing demand. On May 21st, we can change this by voting YES for the Gresham Safety Levy Measure 26-247.

Gresham has seen a 46% increase in population, but the number of firefighters hasn’t changed since 1994. In every emergency, from a kitchen fire to a neighborhood incident, reduced response times can mean the difference between safety and tragedy. Without the levy, we risk the safety of our neighborhoods, the security of our schools, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing our community is protected. For a monthly cost of $25.65/month, our first responders can continue providing the lifesaving services our community depends on. For more info, visit

Voting YES means safer schools, parks, and neighborhoods for our children and families. For Gresham, it means improved emergency response times, more firefighters and police officers, and additional equipment and resources. In life-threatening situations, every moment is critical. The urgency of saving lives demands the utmost efficiency. Every resident of Gresham deserves swift and effective service. Time is of the essence, and our commitment to efficiency is paramount.

For our children, our families, and every resident who calls Gresham home, your vote for the Gresham Safety Levy Measure 26-247 on May 21st is a vote for a safer Gresham. 


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